The Life

Jesus is the avenue of abundant life to each one of us. The Christian walk is not subscribing to a "religion". It is walking in the fullness of the power of God, being equipped by God to lead a victorious, balanced life. This section contains practical Christian living materials , including inspirational and short historical illustrations such as:

Why Learning Matters
Eureka (Archimedes' discovery)
Be Vigilant (Colonel Rall and his Cards)
The Bismarck
Seeds of Revival (Ecce Homo)
The Quarry
The Messiah (Sabbatai Zevi)
Julian the Apostate (How Rome almost Won)
TV or not TV (John Logie Baird)
The War of the Worlds (Orson Welles program)
Dunkirk or D-Day (Second Coming of Christ)
Feed the Kitty (Ignatius sacrifice)
Ramming Speed! (Serving as a "Huperertes")
The Gospel According to Narcissus

Also, the following papers are either available, or soon to be posted:

Unified Psycho-Spiritual theory (30 Pages)
Keys to Maturity (15 pages)

Christian Heritage of the United States


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