You are Useful to God!

Early in WWII Germany launched a pocket battleship named the Bismarck. Heavily armed and exceptionally well protected, the allies recognized that the ship posed a great threat to the security of England. The Royal navy pitched a battle against Bismarck in which the Bismarck sank The HMS Hood, the flagship of the Royal navy, in 15 minutes. Only three of the 1,461 member crew survived. The Bismarck was pursued by the combined North Atlantic fleet. It was headed for the European coast where it could be protected by the German guns from the shore. The allies recognized the desperate moment: they were about to lose their only opportunity to sink the Bismarck. None of the allied fleet could reach it time to engage it. The only craft that could intercept it before it reached the coast were a few antiquated WWI style bi-planes that were aboard the carrier the HMS Ark Royale. These planes were terribly obsolete. Armed with a single small torpedo, the wood and cloth planes were not a likely adversary for the state-of-the-art battleship. Nevertheless, the several of the bi-planes reached the Bismarck and were able to launch their torpedoes. One torpedo hit the Bismarck directly in the center of the hull. Because of the armor of the Bismarck, however, it did no damage. The last torpedo hit the Bismarck right in the rear. It did not pierce the hull, but it did jam the steering mechanism. The crew of the Bismarck quickly realized that they were caught in a slow turn, one that would send them right back into the center of the oncoming Allied fleet. As the Bismarck veered towards it's doom, the crews on the German escort ships, who continued on to the coast, saluted as the pride of the Fatherland cruised out to it's final battle. Several hours later, the Bismarck was pummeled from all sides as it "ran the gauntlet" between dozens of Allied cruisers and battleships. After several hours of being hit from all sides, the Bismarck went down in flames. The safety of England had been effectively secured because of the deployment of an obsolete and useless aircraft.

I have noticed that in the Christian church today, few people are aware of the important role that they serve in the Kingdom of God. Most Christians serve in a passive capacity. They go to church periodically and sit. Perhaps they give some money into the offering basket. They make small talk with acquaintances after the service. That is the extent of their Christian experience. God's Kingdom, however, hinges on the activation and empowerment of all believer's to fulfill their God given ministry. The ministry that God has for each of us is usually far more exciting and rewarding than we have yet imagined. Most of us brush off such possibilities. We might say "I have no seminary degree" or "I am too old" or too young, or no time, not good enough, etc. etc. God, however, is searching for just such individuals. He typically chooses the lowly things of this world. David was about the least likely person to go out and slay Goliath. Gideon, when God called him to save Israel, complained that he was least in his father's house, and his father's house least in the whole tribe. Jeremiah, Isaiah, Moses, and all of the disciples all had legitimate reasons why they were under-qualified to serve in the manner that God wanted them to. God picks losers for his instruments, to show that the victory is clearly His. As God advances his Kingdom in these last days, he is employing the weak to demonstrate His mighty strength. As he restores His church, the manifest evidence will be activation of every part of the Body of Christ fulfilling their God-ordained role of ministry to the world. Multitudes will be swept into the Kingdom as we demonstrate the ministry of the mature Body of Christ. Just like in the story of the Bismarck, it will be the most "obsolete" and seemingly "useless" (people like you and me) that will serve the critical role that brings victory.

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