Archimedes was lost in thought. He had spent weeks on trying to solve a dilemma presented to him by King Hieron. The king recently received a finished crown, completed by a craftsman, made from gold that the King himself had provided. The king, however, suspected that the some of the gold had been removed and replaced by a less precious metal, silver. He wanted Archimedes to determine if his suspicions were true, and find out how much gold had been pilfered by the craftsman, without damaging the crown. Archimedes, taking a break from his mathematic calculations, went to the public baths while he pondered how to solve this problem. As he slowly submerged himself, he watched the water level in the bath rise. He raised himself up. The level lowered. He lowered himself. The water went up again. Thinking about what he recently postulated about water displacement, that the water displaced in this case represented his submerged volume, and that his weight was lightened in direct proportion to the weight of the water displaced, it suddenly occurred to him that he had discovered the answer to his problem. He ran out of the bath, and ran through the streets naked screaming "Eureka, Eureka!" ("I have found it!"). When he got home he used this principle of measuring weight and volume of water displaced from the submerged crown, compared with equal weights of gold, and then silver, to determine exactly how much gold had been stolen by the craftsman. Archimedes, over two hundred years before Christ, had discovered what we call "hydrostatic principles". This was just the beginning of great discoveries by Archimedes that revolutionized the ancient world.

Sometimes the answers to tough questions are not found where we expect them. Archimedes worked on calculations for weeks, examining every angle and cylindrical aspect of the crown to find his solution, but was unable. The answer was far more mundane than he had imagined. I can picture him working tirelessly on formulas and equations, when the answer was as simple as dropping the crown in water. How many problems in our life have a very simple solutions that we overlook? It seems to be part of human nature to overlook the very simple answers. I think of King David in this matter. When Bathsheba was found to be with child, David orchestrated an elaborate ruse to avoid blame. When that failed, he actually resorted to arrange her husband’s death. His tangled web of deceit only multiplied his problems. God had a simple solution from the beginning. It was simply "REPENT". How many of our problems could be solved and others avoided with that simple word? Many of us are filled with anxiety, and worry about the future. We scheme and plan and try to control the events around us. God has a simple solution. "TRUST". He is the Sovereign over all of history. Most of us have complicated social and family relationships; some have a history of conflict and discord. God has a simple solution. "LOVE". We could look at most of our problems and issues, and, if we are open to it, can see that God has very simple answers. Of course, we all are quick to complain that it is never that easy. Repenting of our ways (particularly of our "pet" sins), trusting God (particularly in adversity), and loving others (particularly those who clearly don’t love us) usually seems easier said than done. In a sense, I would agree with that. They are contrary to our human nature. Just the same, as we become more cognizant of just what Christ has done for us, his mercy, forgiveness, and unfailing love, those same qualities are shed abroad in our hearts. We become able to love and forgive. A new light dawns in our minds, that allows us to respond as we ought. When you see what God has done for you, and it suddenly becomes clear in your thinking, you get a type of "Eureka" experience. You have "Found it". You see how simple God’s plan for you really is: He loves us and has provided the means for our eternal salvation, as well as what we need for life right now!. That is simple. It doesn’t take years of seminary to figure that one out. I don’t recommend that you go running through the streets naked, announcing your discovery. Put on some clothes first. Nevertheless, when we discover these basic truths, the solution to some of our most perplexing problems in life finds an uncomplicated and sublime answer.

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