Aberrant Theology at a Glance

Although differences abound in the form and practice of the various Christian traditions, the core issues are held in common by all the "mainstream" churches (Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical, etc).   Those core issues involve the nature of the Godhead, the unique role of Christ as Mediator/Savior, and the Scriptures.   In the following chart, various aspects of aberrant groups are contrasted with historic Christianity. (EWF)

  Christianity Jehovah's Witnesses Mormonism Christian Science

Pentecostal Oneness

God One God in substance, three persons.   The Trinity. One God, Jehovah.  Trinitarianism is a pagan adaptation. Millions of gods, although, to us, there is one God.   We are ourselves evolving to be "God(s)" God is Divine Mind.  Love, peace, light.  God is one God, and His name is Jesus
Christ Jesus is God incarnate.  One with God in nature, yet a distinct persona. Jesus is not "God" but the sent redeemer (a "god").   Formerly was Michael the Angel.  Jesus is our elder brother, and he evolved to godhood like we are currently doing.   Jesus is manifestation of divine Mind, sent to teach divine "science", namely, that all matter and sin is illusionary. .  Jesus is God alone.  God expresses Himself in different "modes" and Jesus is the epitome of that  expression.
Scriptures Canon is closed with Revelations.  66 books in the Bible. (Catholics and some other rites also accept apocrypha) Accepts 66 books, prefers New World Translation, which has specifically written to support JW doctrine. All existing manuscripts were wrongly expunged of "Jehovah".  Accepts Holy Bible, PLUS, their Doctrines and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price and other works.  Canon not closed, and can be amended by their prophets.  "Many plain and precious truths" were removed from the Bible during apostasy. Accepts Bible, but is understood through studying "Health and Science with a Key to Scriptures".  Scripture is "super-spiritualized" within framework of Mary Baker Eddy's writings, and "material sense" must be discarded. . Accepts the Holy Bible (66 Books) as only scriptures
Salvation Salvation is by grace through faith in  Christ's sacrifice and Mediatorial minsitry. Christ made the way for us, but we must prove to be faithful servants. We will be saved after we "have done all that we can do". Faith and Works act together. Three tiered heaven. "Man... is already saved with an everlasting salvation". The idea of damnation is an error and illusion. Salvation through faith in Christ and making him Lord of one's life
After life Some will enter eternal life, others, eternal torment. God's judgment is both merciful and just. (many Catholics believe in a temporary place of Purgation) 144,000 will saved and go to heaven, the rest of the faithful (ie. those who worshipped Jehovah) will live on earth. Wicked annihilated. Everyone will get a chance to respond to the Gospel in the Terrestrial Kingdom. Even the Devil will repent. We, as spirits, are to be absorbed into the Being to which we already belong. Heaven is Harmony. Some will enter eternal life, others, eternal torment. God's judgment is both merciful and just.



Church has existed on earth since Pentecost. Never been a "perfect" organization, but at very least, has always had a remnant or a witness that adhered to historic apostolic faith. Church apostasized even during the times of the apostles. The name Jehovah was suppressed and Harlot church arose, which adopted the Trinity. True Church was suppressed. Some Gnostic groups may have represented true Christian church, not the "abomination" that is called Christian today. Historic church has always erred inasmuch as it didnt understand the spiritual meaning behind the message of Christ. Divine Science is the restoration of what Christ really taught. Eary church, as evidence by baptismal formula in Acts, was "Jesus Only". It was later labelled Sabellianism by the erring trinitarians.

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